Tips to Make Your Hair Pin-Straight

Straight hair is sleek and professional. For people with curly or coarse hair, getting pin-straight hair can be a challenging and involves a lot of work. If the hair is wavy or close to straight, it won't take as much work, but to get hair pin-straight means that you need to eliminate frizz that will ruin the look.


Use a straightening, anti-frizz serum on your hair after styling it. This serum will smooth out any lingering flyaway hairs and weigh the hair down a bit so that it lays flat. If you are heat styling, such as using a blow dryer or a flat iron, apply the serum afterward. If you are trying to make your naturally straight hair pin-straight, apply the serum as your very last step. Comb it through the hair using a wide-tooth comb.

Flat Iron

The best way to get your hair pin-straight is by using a quality flat iron. The best type of flat iron to use is a professional one that is used by hairstylists. When you use a flat iron, make sure that the hair is completely dry first. Use it on small sections of hair and move it slowly down the hair.

Blow Dry

Another tip for getting your hair pin-straight is to blow it out with a hair dryer and a large, round brush. When doing so, aim the dryer downward to get the best results. While drying the hair, brush down sections with the large brush and hold it taut while drying it. Clip up the top layers of your hair and start with the hair underneath. Once done with that, dry the top layers.


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